RISK ASSESSMENT AND DUE DILIGENCE |  Beehive Research is routinely hired to research firms and individuals prior to the beginning of complex business transactions, such as IPOs, or as part of pre-trial preparations. We have provided clients with information about the prior civil and criminal convictions, bankruptcies, and business track records of potential partners, as well as information on their other financial obligations, such as open judgments and liens. Clients use this information when making investment and other strategic decisions related to business operations.

ENVIRONMENTAL COALITION |  Beehive Research is the lead research firm for a coalition of public health and environmental groups working to maintain EPA’s authority over regulatory standards issued under the auspices of the Clean Air Act. Over the past year, we have provided daily tracking services, in-depth research on clean air opponents, and strategic support for the lobbying, earned and paid media, and polling research teams. The coalition won every clean air vote related to EPA authority in the Senate over the past three years and successfully advocated for strong new clean air standards from the Obama Administration. The group continues to work with Members and other policy makers and thought leaders to broaden the discussion of these policies and enhance the coalitions’ work nationwide.

PUBLIC EDUCATION |  Beehive Research has worked with trade associations to develop reports detailing the importance of a particular industry to the economy as a whole. These reports included a literature and media archives review focused on state specific data and real-life examples (identified in key Congressional districts) highlighting the impact of the industry on a local level. The reports were successfully used to educate Members of Congress and local policymakers about the importance of the industry in the context of pending legislative proposals and provided additional rationale for continuing fair and equitable treatment for the industry under the tax code.

INVESTIGATIVE RESEARCH | Beehive Research was hired by a company to research members of a group visiting their local offices and threatening to launch protests if they were not provided with grant funding in order to conduct “consumer education” efforts. Our research found that one member of the group had a previous conviction for theft and another had two convictions for possession of a controlled substance. The company used this information to when addressing the group’s demands.

CRISIS MANAGEMENT | Beehive Research was hired by a company to research an individual who was actively and publicly undermining their relationships with potential and current business partners. Our research found that the individual in question was linked to a right wing hate group; that he had a history of sex and drug addiction; and that his claims of a dedicated grassroots following were overblown. The company used this information to address concerns raised by potential partners and the public.